Samantha Bentley Re-Wets Her Grey Panties

Wetting Her Panties Samantha Bentley releases her fourth photoset and she’s getting even wetter! Samantha treats her already pissy wet panties to another soaking in this incredibly hot photoset.

Samantha Bentley Wetting Her Panties RewettingBlack haired Samantha squats on the bed, in her already soaking grey cotton panties. The set is even more erotic as she decides to piss the bed topless.

Samantha Bentley Wetting Her Panties Pissing Grey pantySamantha is in sheer ecstasy she wets herself, hot pee pouring out of those beautifully darkened grey knickers by the torrent of piss.

Samantha Bentley Wetting Her Panties Shiny Wet Knickers PantyA brilliant shot of many in the set, showing how Samanthas knickers are now so wet that they become shiny with pee. For those who like the colour change of panties as they are pee soaked, this is one of the best photosets I’ve seen in a few years. Another brilliant Wetting Her Panties photoshoot, and we hope there is more from Samantha Bentley yet.

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