Panty Wetting Compilation: Watch this!

The next video is pure brilliance. 19 minutes of sexy young girls peeing their panties, knickers, shorts and skirts. I watched the whole thing, and wrote what was going on in them.

A woman comes into her home and runs upstairs in short brown skirt.

I’m dying to go!

She says, then hisses into her see-thru panties. Amazing knicker wetting; it almost looks like she put a shower head in her panties.

Next video, two sexy young girls are in a mens toilet. One is in a short white top and red skirt, and the other in black shorts. The one in shorts spreads her legs and decides to just piss straight through her shorts…nice. She pees all over her shoes:

Oh it’s alright!

She says. The other is surprised:

Youve just peed in your pants!

Shorts girl admits she loves wetting her pants, and they look at her steamy wet shorts. Red skirt girl lifts her skirt up, and pees her full cut blue cotton panties. She decides to hold some of it in because she’s a bit scared, but she lets more out – alot more, moaning while she does it, while shorts girl rubs her ass, legs and wet panties. Skirt girl gets topless, and decides she has to pee some more, and so does shorts girl. They are both SOAKING WET, MOANING, HISSING INTO THEIR PANTIES. Fuck me, that was good!

Next video appears to be a young girl in school uniform in a tiny black pleated skirt, so desparate, she is bending over so you can see her panties. She makes her way up the steps and then lets it go.

Next video is a very very hot girl in the shower in a thin see thru top, and white cotton panties. She talks about how she wet her pants at a party. Then she soaks her panties, and we get to see the action from below. After a few minutes of watching her touch herself all over, it’s the next video…

Maid outfit and crap acting, we watch some girl pretend to clean the kitchen. Her dress is so short, you can see her white panties underneath. She gets a bit horny thinking about pissing on the floor of her masters kitchen. Then she goes down to do the deed, squatting in the corner, rubbing her pussy before she lets go and waters the floor.

Look how wet my dirty little panties are.

She slaps her wet knicker clad pussy and shows us her wet ass. She’s so horny, she wets them even more.

My panties are dripping!

She then sits in her own piss to make sure her panties are fully soaked. They are possibly the wettest pants I have ever seen. She then gets onto the surface top and rubs her pussy against the tap before soaking them AGAIN even more. I can forgive the acting…

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