I Need 2 Pee Jassie Tied Up

Calling all desperation lovers! The latest photoset from I Need 2 Pee might just interest you. Model Jassie is involved in an unfortunate incident where she wakes up tied up, and in desparate need for a pee. Even worse, she’s wearing just a leotard and leggings! About to explode into her leotard, she calls helplessly to anyone near. With no one to her rescue, she tries to stem pee from flooding out into her leggings while undoing her restraints. Success! She makes it to the toilet just in time and pees forcefully into the bowl.

Click here or the image to go to the site. Nice!

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Sunday Night? Sounds like the perfect time for drunk girl pissing!

Time to showcase some of the best drunk wetting and peeing images from around the internets. This seems like a great place to pee…

…Check out this fitty with some nice legs taking a pee with her shorts down.

She might be prepared for a night out with fake tan and clean knicker, but it doesn’t help when you’re so wasted, you collapse and piss yourself all over the floor.

Alcohol can also make you do strange things, like peeing needlessly in a glass…infront of a camera

These sexy lot in demin mini skirts take a squat outside. +1 for cleavage.

I have to be honest, I’m not quite sure what going on here. I don’t see pee, but it’s definitely a plausible pre-shot.

This girl has passed out on the floor, with a need for a pee, and floods her yellow short pretty badly.

Time for a classic now. If you haven’t seen this one, you’re either new to the fetish or where have you been living? Carpet Peeing. Tick. Naked. Tick. Casual. You bet.

I like this next one because it looks like someone I know. And, oh yeah, she’s fit of course. Doesn’t it make it better when an image involves someone you know?

This is a super hot photo of a girl pissing herself on a night out. Chances are she’s wearing something below, and chances are even better that she’s wetting her yellow/green bikini, which is also a pervs delight as you may have noticed.

This drunk bitch is wetting her red dress on a night out. Why am I not that guy?



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Have you seen the NEW Wetting Her Panties website? It’s gold ;)

It looks like Skymouse has been very busy recently, updating the Wetting Her Panties website to a very professional look. Even better for us punters, all the photosets are online with very generous thumbnails of all the images! So head over there now and check it out.

This is the latest photoset, released this Friday. Super sexy new girl Aston wets her blue knickers for us. A great photoset for skirt lovers too, as she pees from underneath her cute short skirt. Another fantastic example of the quality of WHP material. Head over there now by either clicking here, of the image above.

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If you’ve come from XTube…

If you’ve headed over from XTube, then it’s likely you may have already seen this hot desperation and bikini wetting clip from our own Katie. If that’s true, here’s the opportunity to watch it again! Hopefully more new images of Katie will be uploaded here soon.

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HD Wetting – A Review

HD Wetting offers possibly the cheapest members fee online. That may be reason for you to think they have something to hide, but oh my lord no. Panty wetting, Jeans, Skirts, Naked, Lesbian, Bikini, Public…it goes on and on!

There isn’t really a better way to tell you to visit HD Wetting than flashing a few pictures of their fit girls wetting their panties, jeans and getting up to no good in playful accident and…lesbian bedwetting scenes?! Surely not, I hear you say.

Oh my…that is hot! According to HD Wetting, in this clip:

Sabrina goes down on Sammy. Unfortunately for Sammy, Sabrina desperately needs to pee and can’t hold it until Sammy reaches climax. Sabrina begs Sammy to please let her use the toilet, but Sammy is so close to cumming she refuses forcing Sabrina to have a huge wet accident in Sammy’s bed. Oh well, at least Sammy got to have her orgasm.

If you haven’t exploded in joy yet, then continue to read on, as HD Wetting offers much more, such as casual bedwetting…

…pissing panties shamelessly infront of the mirror. Vain!…

…or suspiciously happy public jeans peeing (nice!)…

We at The Daily Wet particularly like this one, which is brilliantly described as:

Peeing in the toilet every day can get boring. Sammy tries to make urination more fun by using the sink as a toilet.

Admit it. We’ve all thought about doing it. It just looks like Sammy may have either leaked on the way up, or forgotten to take those knickers off…

…If thats doesn’t take your fancy, what about topless panty wetting in the shower?…

As you can probably see, HD Wetting has a lot to offer, and they’re certainly not afraid to get frisky. Now can you believe that they offer this sort of material, in high definition, with multiple updates a week from:

$15.00 per month!

Unlimited access, with hundreds of archived videos. Now that is good value. We’ll continue to review their latest clips for you as they come out. But for now, treat yourself to a months worth of delight for the price of a crappy date!

Click the banner below and check out their free videos.

Thanks for reading.

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