HD Wetting: Mikki & Paige Desperate Bondage

HD Wetting bring a naughty bondage situation and a very desperate Mikki to the table this week. This Saturdays upload features Paige tormenting Mikki who is tied up to a ladder. To add to the pleasure, Mikki wears only bra and panties, and for some reason, this makes her pleas to escape and unleash her pee in the toilet even more helpless.

If you find cute and sexy girls who are desperate to pee, and eventually wet themselves because they’re tied up, well, this is probably the clip for you!

Mikki is truly desperate for a wee, and is pleading to be untied so she can go.

Paige teases her, and tells her she can pee, just do it right there!

One last look at Mikki before she soaks those panties good!

A nice end shot of Mikki’s puddle. Forced to stand in her own piss, she waits for Paige to let her go so she can change out of those wet knickers.

Good video – check it out, and more, here.

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Wetting Her Panties Natalia

We can’t seem to get enough of Natalia at Wetting Her Panties but luckily we’ve been blessed with another appearance!

And now gorgeous shots of those SOAKING wet knickers. She always does pick the best! When she goes on the free webcam for members, she often lets you choose which knickers to wear for her to wet!

Click any of the images or right here to go to the Wetting Her Panties site.

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Cheerleaders Peeing Panties

Just a quick post with some cheerleader related content.

Now that I have you attention, check out this video from I Need 2 Pee which you can download as a member:

And another image of upskirt cheerleader wetting from I Need 2 Pee

And what about this girl taking off her panties because she’s wet them. Possibly from too many high kicks and it leaked out?

Or caught on the toilet?

Or just plain naughty cheerleaders who’ve wet their panties good and proper…

And this is our favorite from the same naughty girl who soaks her tights / pantyhose and bed, and gets her panties so wet, that they turn seethru. Nice.

I hope we can get some similar content from our high quality favorite paysites.


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We Love Sammy & Mikki

Sammy and Mikki end up pissing their jeans in this humble video from HD Wetting. I have to say, when I first read the description of this video, I was worried. How many times have I seen the situation where one girl coaxes another into wetting their pants? I can’t say too many, because I’ll take any opportunity too see such an event, but it’s not exactly a fascinating new concept.

So why do we rate this video of Mikki and Sammy pissing in their jeans? Firstly, HD Wetting is fast becoming my favourite video site for the following reason: video character and video…characters. What does that mean? Well it’s safe to say that Sammy and Mikki are HD Wettings flagship models and they’re a common and pleasant addition to most clips. As I watch the videos, I find the models HD Wetting use becoming less like random women, and more like friends that I’ve known for a long time. This is down to brilliant acting from the girls, but also the good storyline and scripts (if used) that they follow. For me, this is far better than the quick pants wetting from some model you may never see again, as is often the case with alot of other sites.

In this simple clip Sammy is coaxed by Mikki into wetting her pants. Even though I know Sammy is a very naughty girl, wetting herself constantly throughout the videos, I don’t find it that hard to believe what she says.

I’m potty trained….Of course I have an aversion to wetting my pants – it’s embarrassing!

Mikki is a stunner too, and we get to see her flood her jeans as she encourages Sammy to wet hers. You can tell both the girls actually enjoy doing this. We’ll let you join HD Wetting family to see Mikki in action.

Sammy’s Jeans sparkle at the end as she soaks them with her pee. Mikki approves.

Two cute girls and two pairs of soaked jeans.

We rate this clip 4/5.

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