Epic: Natalia Pees Her Pink Panties

We’ve said on many ocassions that you need look no further than Wetting Her Panties for beautiful girls pissing their pants. Today’s update which features Natalia reiterates this point. This is an absolutely smashing photoset. Yeah, we’ve seen Natalia do this thing before, but what a quality set this is; sharp images, natalia looks amazing and they’ve captured some brilliant shots of her pissing with her panties half down.   Natalia Wetting Her Panties Pink Soaked

Natalias wet ass covered by her panties she’s just soaked. Notice the yellow pee puddle on the floor beneath.

Natalia Wetting Her Panties Pink Soaked

We think this is one of our favourite panty pissing images ever. Natalia’s nicely shaven pussy pissing into her panties, sexily pulled half down. BUT, look how soaked those panties are! Literally glistening with pee.

Natalia Wetting Her Panties Pink Soaked

This image is hot enough already, even without the pee soaked panties! If you sign up, make sure that this is the first photoset you check out since it’s really really top notch. To visit Wetting Her Panties and view more free photos from this photoset, click here.

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