Epic Lesbian Bedwetting


Lesbian? Bedwetting? Epic? Yes, it’s time for another top notch HDWetting scene. Those with memberships will be delighted with this comprehensive photoset of which we cannot wait for the full video. (With sound please HDWetting ;) ).    Lesbian Bedwetting HDWetting Sosha Mary Jane

At first, Mary Jane and Sosha are on the bed, Mary Jane on top. Busty Sosha wears a patterned bra and pink panties while Mary Jane wears pink stripey knickers and a small black bra. They are caressing each other on the bed intimately.

Lesbian Bedwetting HDWetting Sosha Mary Jane

After a while, Sosha appears to get so involved that she pees through her panties onto Mary Janes panties and stomach. We haven’t shown you the pictures of this (find out for yourself!), but the aftermath is hear to see. Sosha looks like a naughty school girl, straddling Mary Jane in her wet knickers.

Lesbian Bedwetting HDWetting Sosha Mary Jane

Mary Jane punishes Sosha by pulling her panties down and spanking her. But she makes sure you remove her own bra first for some eye candy.

Lesbian Bedwetting HDWetting Sosha Mary Jane

After some cunnilingus and other lesbian activities of which you get to see, they relax happily on the bed, truly satisified. We love how Sosha lies with her panties half down.

What a photoset! HDWetting have raised the quality of their photo section here and it looks promising (from the HD Camera in the corner of an image) that there’s a video to come. Oh yes please!

You should totally join HD Wetting. You know you want to…clicky. Don’t miss out.


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