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Sammys Double Wetting Bathtime

Sammy from HDWetting. She is probably one of the loved models of peeing history! We look back on a random wetting of hers. This time she is wanting a bath after an evening nap. HDWetting Sammy Pee Wetting Accident Panty BathSammy wakes up in grey jogging pants and an extremely tight fitting, thin, white top. HDWetting Sammy Pee Wetting Accident Panty BathShe sits on the bathtub side whilst running the water before slowly climbing into the warm water – fully clothed. It’s not surprising that our pee fetish has crossed over to the enjoyment of seeing wet clothing in all aspects. HDWetting Sammy Pee Wetting Accident Panty BathSammy knows this, and proceeds to get herself as wet as possible. She writhes in the water, splashing and soaking her top, turning it see-thru to reveal her nipples. She plays with us flirtatiously, slowly undoing her already revealing shirt. Sammy may be wet, but she realises that she isn’t as wet as she could be. At least not in water… HDWetting Sammy Pee Wetting Accident Panty BathShe stands up, removes her pants and innocently pauses in her tiny black thong. Her legs part slightly and … HDWetting Sammy Pee Wetting Accident Panty Bath… gushes into her panties, making them glisten even more. Oh, my! Young Sammy certainly knows how to drive us wild. HDWetting Sammy Pee Wetting Accident Panty BathSammy becomes visibly horny, and takes advantage of this by stripping off. HDWetting Sammy Pee Wetting Accident Panty BathHDWetting Sammy Pee Wetting Accident Panty BathShe reveals her pert tits, although we had pretty much seen them thanks to that warm, soaking water. HDWetting Sammy Pee Wetting Accident Panty BathThe video is already long, but it carries on to let Sammy enjoy herself in the tub. She rubs her clit gently, enjoying the sensation of doubly wet underwear.

Sammys Bathtime is a truly fantastic video. You can find it in the HDWetting archives at /bath/. If you’re not a member, then maybe this is a good time to take advantage of a membership. They start from only $15 a month – making HDWetting one of the most affordable pee sites around. Whatever happens, don’t forget to pay Sammy a visit! Click here to take yourself to HDWetting.

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Tanya’s Soaking Public Outing

Hail to the kings of public wetting … Wet In Public. One of their more recent videos sees super sexy eastern European girl Tanya have a very wet trip out. Tanya Wet In Public White Jeans Soaking It’s a busy but sunny day out walking for Tanya, who is heading home from the city. She really needs to pee, but wants to find somewhere a little more private to go. Tanya Wet In Public White Jeans SoakingTanya ‘hides’ behind some bricks. We say hide because from other shots, she is clearly in view of many many pedestrians walking by. She realizes this, so cannot pull her pants down to squat, so she has to leak into her white jeans. A wet spot forms into…. Tanya Wet In Public White Jeans SoakingA drench spot. Pee gushes out of her crotch and floods her jeans quickly. In some areas the wetness grows too quickly and splatters over the floor. Tanya Wet In Public White Jeans SoakingOne for the feet people. A special kind of puddle. Tanya Wet In Public White Jeans SoakingTanya must now make her way back home, doing the walk of shame in her pissy jeans. Everyone can see that she has wet her jeans and knickers like a little girl!  Tanya Wet In Public White Jeans SoakingWhat a view! Tanya makes her way to a quiet spot in the trees (where people can still see her) to strip off, showing you her wet blue thong and pussy…

Clearly as super hot video with another model that has more ‘balls’ than us… Check it out here!

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Warehouse Wetting


Meet new girl Lauren who does a brilliant display of wetting. You could almost imagine she is really into this… We’ll let you decide. Wetting Her Panties New Girl Lauren Jeans Desperation Accident Pee Knickers

Beauty Lauren finds a quiet place in a warehouse to show off her white bra and begin peeing in her denim jeans. She spreads her legs wide to lets the piss soak each leg equally, and watches the pee splatter on the wood beneath.Wetting Her Panties New Girl Lauren Jeans Desperation Accident Pee Knickers

When those jeans get just a bit too wet to keep on, Lauren pulls them down slightly, exposing her white thong which she continues to piss herself in. The pee cascades through her jeans.Wetting Her Panties New Girl Lauren Jeans Desperation Accident Pee KnickersA stunning behind shot of a beautiful stream penetrating through those tiny panties and thoroughly wetting those jeans.

This is a real stand out photoset from Wetting Her Panties. You can find out more about this photoset and see more images by click right here. Don’t forget, if you sign up now, you’ll be in time for next weeks live webcam with everyone’s favourite – Charlotte!

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Panty Peeing Mix

Time for another round of panty peeing images don’t you think? We have some great ones this week, found from a variety of sources.

Cheerleader Pee Wetting AccidentFirst up is an image that some will find familiar. This cheerleader has found herself in need of a pee during a difficult manouvre, and found it literally slipping out of her. She’s pissing herself mid-air! It’s similar to the gymnastic one a few years back.

Bikini Thong PeeAn interesting bikini pee now. The girl on the right has obviously pissed in her bikini pants, but what about the one of the left?

Bikini Stream PeePresumably a Japanese wetting, this is a hot bikini pee stream, and one that we haven’t seen before.

Yellow Shorts AccidentUnusual bright yellow shorts have been wet in. Interstingly, they seem to be wet around the top too?

Bikini Shorts PeeTeenager in a bikini finds herself peeing slightly into her green shorts.

Pissy CameltoeVery sexy wet cameltoe picture – almost artistic.

Desperate Demin WettingLove this image of a girl out in public absolutely desperate to pee, and ends up soaking her denim pants. We love how she’s trying to hold it in to no avail – it’s just gushing out of her, and splattering onto the floor!

Pee Stream PantiesJust a sexy young girl streaming piss into her panties on a professional shoot.

Drenched Dress WettingWe feel we’ve left the best till last! These sexy legs belong to a girl in a short dress who has absolutely drenched herself. She really has had a massive accident and its streaming down her legs. You can make out her soaking panties underneath, and she’s desperately trying to cross her legs to stop any more gushing out!

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Wet & Pissy: Seriously Hot

A wetting and peeing site that we don’t review is Wet & Pissy. However, we have to show you this incredible video of Jessica Rox soaking her pink thong. It’s incredibly hot, and even more so, because she soaks her socks too, ringing them out at the end. If we thought it was mind blowlingly awesome, then we can’t imagine what someone with, say, a foot fetish might find it. Either way, try it out!

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