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Desperate Kimberly Marvel Lost!

What was meant to be a trivial task for Kimberly turns out to be a disaster for her in this sexy I Need 2 Pee video. ‘Curvy’ Kimberly, who has featured on the site before, must find her way from her hotel to a convention centre. Unfortunately for her, and very fortunate for us, she is both lost and desperate for the loo.   Kimberly Marvel I Need 2 Pee IN2P Wetting Accident

Kimberly is seen holding herself and squirming with the desperation of needing to pee so bad. She gets increasingly more paniced when she realises she is completely lost.

Kimberly Marvel I Need 2 Pee IN2P Wetting Accident

She knows she must go to the toilet, so when she finds herself on a relatively quiet building ground, she squats down and pisses herself. Pee streams through her panties and leggings onto the floor making a puddle. Yum.

Kimberly Marvel I Need 2 Pee IN2P Wetting Accident

Black leggings were a perfect choice to wear, because the pee doesn’t show that badly – making it incredibly sexy that she can wet herself and get away with it. However, her panties tell a different story. Don’t tell us you don’t want a piece of that!

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Caroline & Kimberly’s Desperate Drive

I Need 2 Pee brings you a driving desperation scene. Featuring Caroline and Kimberly, the two girls find themselves in the car desperate to go for a wee. Unfortunately Caroline makes the wrong turning, and they take even longer to get back.

Caroline Kimberly Desperate Drive I Need 2 PeeKimberly in the back is not amused by the lengthy wait!

Caroline Kimberly Desperate Drive I Need 2 PeeCaroline struggles to hold on in the garage, desperately holding herself.

Caroline Kimberly Desperate Drive I Need 2 PeeSuddenly, Caroline can no longer hold on, and ends up peeing in her white panties like a little girl. Pee streams down her legs and onto her shoes and the floor.

Caroline Kimberly Desperate Drive I Need 2 PeeKimberly makes it into the kitchen before she too loses control and starts to soak her white panties and pantyhose too! Check out this clip and many other desperation scenes on I Need 2 Pee.

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I Need 2 Pee: Kimberly

Self decribed ‘pee virgin’ Kimberly is the latest I Need 2 Pee model having a desperate accident in the latest update. Pretty and busty Kimberley finds herself trapped in her ex-partners home, as she hides in the bathtub after investigating financial allegations against her (fancy story right?).

I Need 2 Pee KimberlyKimberly looks shocked when she hears someone come into the house! Shit. What should she do?

I Need 2 Pee Kimberly Desperate In TubHiding in the tub, Kimberly realises she is already desperate for a pee, and thinks it won’t be long before he disappears so she can get out and have a wee. Dressed in dark blue jeans, she holds herself desperately.

I Need 2 Pee Kimberly Wet Panties Jeans Shower TubShe finally can’t hold it any more, and pees gushes into her jeans, soaking them, and pee cascades out of her jeans into the bath. Kimberly really wets for a long time, and the jeans wetting is incredible. However, we’ll let you watch the video to see.

We love how the acting is cut at the end, and the models tell you more about them, and what it was like to piss themselves. Kimberly admits she is a pee virgin, and it was certainly not the norm for her to piss her pants!

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