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A Wet Cheerleader

What is it about a desperate cheerleader? Hot, young girl in a sexy costume? Sure, but there’s something even more special underlying almost everyones lust for such a scenario. It’s somewhat surprising then that this is a recently poorly covered theme. Luckily, I Need 2 Pee has belted out this awesome video featuring one of our favorite models Candle. She is really good at talking to the camera like you’re there – POV is fairly avoided in the wetting fetish. Check this out… I Need 2 Pee Candle Cheerleader Desperation Accident Costume Pee WettingFairly standard opening. Candle in her cheerleading outfit returning home from school to find no one in… and they keys have disappeared. She really needs the toilet! Can you imagine? After doing all those acrobatics, bending over in half squeezing that bladder… Luckily you’re there to lend a hand. Your flatmate is in the bathroom so you can’t let her use that… so lets hang out round the back of your house. I Need 2 Pee Candle Cheerleader Desperation Accident Costume Pee WettingDid you genuinely have someone in the bathroom? Or are you just making this pretty girl desperate in her uniform? We’re OK with both. She looks really cute with those trainers on. There’s alot of crotch grabbing. Candle asks – “You like staring at me don’t you?”. Yup. I Need 2 Pee Candle Cheerleader Desperation Accident Costume Pee WettingCandle is fairly concerned here that she won’t be able to hold herself. PLEASE let me use the bathroom.I Need 2 Pee Candle Cheerleader Desperation Accident Costume Pee WettingCandle holds herself tightly as she says she can’t believe what she is about to do. She crouches down and moves her dress out the way exposing her bright yellow panties. She doesn’t want to get that dress wet…and you’re there, so she can’t take those panties off. You’re going to make her piss in her pants. Guilty?I Need 2 Pee Candle Cheerleader Desperation Accident Costume Pee WettingAt first a little puddle… I Need 2 Pee Candle Cheerleader Desperation Accident Costume Pee Wetting… gets bigger as Candle cries with embarrassment in her wet cheer-panties. I Need 2 Pee Candle Cheerleader Desperation Accident Costume Pee Wetting

She makes a real mess. Such a large puddle, with hot pee still streaming onto the floor of your yard. I Need 2 Pee Candle Cheerleader Desperation Accident Costume Pee WettingIf you don’t tell any of your friends that she wet herself in your garden, I’ll flash my wet underwear at you…

You can see for yourself, this video is hot. Very hot. Hot enough for me to write an extended review of it. I don’t do this very often anymore, but it seems like a good time to tell you the details of I Need 2 Pee. If you want to see the video, you’ll need to join (visit the website here), and you have two options. Pay $29.99 for one month, or $59.99 for three. Bargain. They have so many videos of really got girls pissing their panties, jeans, skirts, leotards, pantyhose, dresses… you name it. And they’re all desperate. I Need 2 Pee differ from the other sites because their videos are usually quite long. Enjoy!

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Star Nine’s Desperate Drive

Meet Star Nine who is stuck in traffic and desperate to pee. It’s your typical I Need 2 Pee desperation scene, and it’s good. We see Star from all angles as she is driving, holding herself in her tiny mini denim dress.

Star Nine I Need 2 Pee IN2P Panty Wetting Driving

Star concentrates as she drives, trying not to lose control of her bladder in her car.

Star Nine I Need 2 Pee IN2P Panty Wetting Driving

How short? She holds herself, caressing her buldge through her tiny dress. Star Nine I Need 2 Pee IN2P Panty Wetting DrivingSuddenly, Star realises she is losing control and begins to leak into her panties and dress. She pulls over and runs out the car.

Star Nine I Need 2 Pee IN2P Panty Wetting DrivingShe has just enough time to pull up her dress (not much of it) and violently pisses into her cotton panties. She makes quite a mess, and doesn’t seem to mind that she has wet her knickers… just glad to finally go for a pee.

Check this video out here.

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Teen Pee: Locked Out

Maybe the locked out of the house scenario is a little worn now, but I Need 2 Pee make a great video this week with teen star Addie Juniper. Addie finds herself locked out of her house and unable to hold her pee. INeed2Pee Teen Addie Juniper Desperate Desperation Panty Pee AccidentAt first we see Addie return home in a black top and short skirt. This shot is the moment she realises she cannot find her keys. All the time Addie is flashing us her cotton white knickers. Naughty. Where Are You?She tries to contact someone to get into the house, but there is no help coming. Addie holds herself desperately. INeed2Pee Teen Addie Juniper Desperate Desperation Panty Pee AccidentIt gets too much for Addie and she grabs her crotch firmly under her skirt as she squats down to try and ease the pressure. INeed2Pee Teen Addie Juniper Desperate Desperation Panty Pee AccidentUnfortunately for her, she cannot contain her water and begins to urinate in her cotton panties turning them sheer and see-through! She is such a naughty girl for being unable to hold on, and makes a puddle too. What a mess. INeed2Pee Teen Addie Juniper Desperate Desperation Panty Pee AccidentAt the end, Addie is genuine upset and she sobs in her wet knickers like the little teen girl she is. Who wants to clean her up?

Great desperation from I Need 2 Pee, and Addie is a hot bonus too! Check it out here.

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Choosing The Right Paysite For You

Having an awesome fetish like wetting and omorashi is great, but what happens when the content runs out? There is no denying that there is a lot of good, free material online. Sadly however, there are too few girls uploading videos of themselves urinating on themselves. So while you’re sat enjoying yourself, you are constantly interrupted with reposts and big ‘beautiful’ women.

Harmonys Travels Wetting Her Panties Girls Pee Public

Luckily there are a few producers around the world that are dedicated to bringing you high quality photos and videos of incontinent girls getting desperate and wetting themselves. The downside is you have to pay… and you can’t pay for every site. The good news is most of these sites bring you a completely mixed pie covering the breadth of the fetish, so whether you like panty wetting, jeans soaking, desperation or something a little more spicey, you’ll get to see it all from one producer.

Danielle Maye Can't Help Herself Wetting Her Panties Pee

Most of these sites charge around $29.95 a month for access, although some, such as HD Wetting and I Need 2 Pee offers hugely reduced rates for a longer subscription. HD Wetting have a knockout price of paying for 6 months upfront which works out at $15 a month. Whatever you choose, they are not contracts, and you can cancel easily at any time which means you are in full control. Interestingly, many people choose to pay this same amount for single videos off sites such as Clips4Sale and videos stores, possibly under the assumption that paysites will try to re-bill them after cancellation. Don’t make this mistake. You are quite entitled to pay for a one month account and cancel. During this month, you could download the sites entire archive of material. In most cases, this amounts to hundreds of videos and photos.

Jennifer Wetting Her Panties Webcam Free

Why else would you want to sign up, other than absolutely shed loads of quality videos and images? Live webcasts. Currently, these are available with subscriptions to Wetting Her Panties and HD Wetting. HD Wetting offer them each week, allowing you to see desperation and wetting live with the option to chat directly to the models, and helping them decide what they wear, how they hold and how to let it go… Our reviews of these webcasts have been very positive. The models are friendly and ‘desperate’ to please you. Coming across like the girl next door friend fills that gap that everyone is trying to fill: someone who shares my fetish and will do it on a personal level with me. We certainly recommend everyone gets to try this experience at least once!

Alexa I Need 2 Pee Blue Bathing Suit Wetting Accident Desperation

So what else might be stopping you? Safety. How is my payment being processed? Who has access to my card details? If you think that you are transferring money into the bank account of some sleazy company, then you’re wrong. Yup. Wetting Her Panties, HD Wetting, I Need 2 Pee and other sites we review on here all use verified payment processors. Most of them use either CCBill or Verotel – two of the largest payment processing companies in the world. You card details are stored safely and encrypted using SSL technology. It’s like paying via PayPal for example.

Wetting Her Panties Lolly Badcock Peeing Tights Pantyhose

What else is stopping you? We get asked the age old question: Will my mother/father/sibling/wife/girlfriend find out I’m on a naughty site? No. Not unless you forget to clear your search history of course! These payment processors are instructed to mark your statement with an ambiguous phrase or the company name. So rather than ‘Wetting Her Panties’, you will get CCBill. And of course: mother…. CCBill was just some Amazon Marketplace company that billed me for that [insert whatever you’re likely to buy]! It’s easy to lie. Also, since it is all digital content, you no longer have to worry about that mysterious brown package turning up…

Lovely Charlotte So Desperate Wetting Her Panties

Ok, so. You’ve decided you want a month(s) subscription for $29.95 / $15.00 – (oh you big spender!) – in return for videos, images and intimate web-cams with sexy models. Congratulations. Now what site is right for me?

Don’t panic. Apart from regularly reviewing all of the big sites right here on The Daily Wet, we also have our sister site ‘Panty Pee Wetting‘ which you can find by clicking here, and reviews each site individually. Hooray.

Sammy Wets Pink Panties

Thanks for reading.

Stuck In A Tree

I Need 2 Pee’s wacky scenario turns out to be quite the hit in this recent video. We see Kadie stuck in a tree from rescuing a cat. Her sister can be heard in the background through most of the video, trying to tell her to get down without any assistance. Kadie I Need 2 Pee Desperation Tree Wetting AccidentKadie is not impressed and requests that her sister calls either the fire department or their dad to get her down because she is ‘scared’. However, the sister does not seem to helpful in running these tasks. It takes her a while to find out that the dad is on lunch and not available… Kadie soon realizes she has to pee really badly and starts getting agitated and snappy about the situation. Kadie I Need 2 Pee Desperation Tree Wetting AccidentThe sister tells her to relieve the pressure of the pee by sticking her ass out over the tree. Kadie I Need 2 Pee Desperation Tree Wetting Accident

When her sister goes to get help though, Kadie is left on her own and lets it all go into her tight pink yoga pants. Piss splatters loudly on the floor, and a huge wet spot grows as she soaks herself. She is very embarrassed when her sister returns, and gets laughed at. Kadie I Need 2 Pee Desperation Tree Wetting AccidentKadie shows off her wet pants from the front and behind, and also her sodden panties underneath – at the end of the video.

Visit I Need 2 Pee here.

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