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Completely FREE HDWetting Videos & Photos

Short on money? Not sure if HDWetting is for you? Not to worry. HDWetting now have an improved freebie section which includes free panty wetting, public pissing, tickle peeing, bondage peeing and much much more! Just follow this link and then hover of the ‘more’ button on the menu at the top right, then select free video or free photos.

Happy Sunday!

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HD Wetting New Trailer

Welcome! You’ve arrived at the premier showing of the new HD Wetting trailer. Brought to you exclusively from The Daily Wet, it showcases a few clips from a catalogue of hundreds of high definition videos. You will see snippets including Mikki desperate after being tied to a tree, Haydee wetting her jeans in public, and Mikki wetting the bed and her panties on a ladder! It really is just a tiny sample of what HD Wetting has to offer though… wet panties and knickers, skirts and jeans, daring public wettings, costumes, fun scenarios (strip poker anyone?) and the very best of lesbian wetting watersports!

If you’re considering joining a paysite soon (go on treat yourself!), we would definitely recommend HD Wetting, as it provides a perfect balance of interests. Updated 3 times a week, you don’t know which one of the sexy girls will be having an unfortunate ‘accident’. And the best thing is, membership starts from $15 a month, which is incredible value, and the cheapest site out there.

Additionally we like that you have the choice to either stream the videos directly, or download DRM free videos to your hardrive, to keep forever. As with all wetting sites, you are free to cancel at any time with the standard pay-as-you-go option, with backing from secure billing company Verotel, which as we’ve mentioned many times before, bills you discreetly, so no one looking at your statements will be able to tell what you’ve bought!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this short sample. Comments would be very welcomed, and of course, don’t forget to visit HD Wetting by clicking here.

Click the bottom right icon to view full screen.

FROM only $15.00!!!

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HD Wetting Review – Fear Wetting

How to make a girl piss in her pants in one second. HD Wetting, as we often mention, are a fantastic wetting site for a number of reasons. One of these, is their commitment to full on lesbian watersports. Their filming is often charming, their girls are cute and friendly like you want to get to know them – they feel like a true family. Of course, that would be a family of naughty wet girls pissing everything and everywhere possible. Today in our crusade to review all wetting material, we proudly present exclusive screenshot footage of HD Wetting’s ‘Fear Wetting’ video. This brilliant clip will be liked by all of us out there that have searched for women pissing their panties through being scared.

Starring: Mikki, Sabrina and Haydee.

Fear Wetting tackles a difficult subject. The only thing we didn’t like about it was Sabrina’s acting (Sorry Sabrina!), but we can forgive her that for what she does later. We start off with the brilliantly dark Mikki, who appears to be the ‘leader’ of some sort of wetting mafia.

She says she has to pee!…Make her beg for it.

Poor Haydee is tied up, dressed only in bra and tight jeans. She is desperate for a pee, and is pleading to be let go so she can use the bathroom.

Would you like to go to the bathroom, or piss in your cute little jeans?…I want to go to the bathroom!


You can relieve yourself. Thank you, can you please untie me?

Sabrina wants Haydee to go in her pants, but Haydee claims she doesn’t know how. After complaining to Mikki, Sabrina is told she must show Haydee how to piss her pants. Initially reluctantly, Sabrina lets go of a flood. Torrents of pee splatters on the floor from underneath her outfit.

I never said anything about you going to the bathroom, I said you could relieve yourself. What, in my PANTS? Yes in your pants, you stupid bitch.


Show her what you want her to do.

Sexy Haydee still refuses to go in her jeans. Unfortunately for her, Mikki is at the end of her teather and (literally) Haydees too. A brief confrontation occurs…

What the fuck is wrong with you? You need to pee don’t you? Yes. Well piss your pants and this will all be over.


Mikki is pissed off, but she knows exactly what to do. She threatens Haydee with a gun! In a split scene of what I thought was alot better than daytime TV acting, which is reflected in the image below, Haydee reacts to the drama of the situation.

Fine. You don’t wanna piss your pants? I’ll fuckin’ help you.


She is so scared, she instantly SOAKS her jeans (we’ll leave you to watch the video to see that), and below you can see the start of her jeans wetting experience.

That wasn’t so hard was it?

We give this clip 5/5.

Remember, you can have full access to HD Wetting’s Photo and Video database from only $15 a month. Currently, they have around 350 videos to watch and download, making this video on its own about 4p. Don’t miss out.


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