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Choosing The Right Paysite For You

Having an awesome fetish like wetting and omorashi is great, but what happens when the content runs out? There is no denying that there is a lot of good, free material online. Sadly however, there are too few girls uploading videos of themselves urinating on themselves. So while you’re sat enjoying yourself, you are constantly interrupted with reposts and big ‘beautiful’ women.

Harmonys Travels Wetting Her Panties Girls Pee Public

Luckily there are a few producers around the world that are dedicated to bringing you high quality photos and videos of incontinent girls getting desperate and wetting themselves. The downside is you have to pay… and you can’t pay for every site. The good news is most of these sites bring you a completely mixed pie covering the breadth of the fetish, so whether you like panty wetting, jeans soaking, desperation or something a little more spicey, you’ll get to see it all from one producer.

Danielle Maye Can't Help Herself Wetting Her Panties Pee

Most of these sites charge around $29.95 a month for access, although some, such as HD Wetting and I Need 2 Pee offers hugely reduced rates for a longer subscription. HD Wetting have a knockout price of paying for 6 months upfront which works out at $15 a month. Whatever you choose, they are not contracts, and you can cancel easily at any time which means you are in full control. Interestingly, many people choose to pay this same amount for single videos off sites such as Clips4Sale and videos stores, possibly under the assumption that paysites will try to re-bill them after cancellation. Don’t make this mistake. You are quite entitled to pay for a one month account and cancel. During this month, you could download the sites entire archive of material. In most cases, this amounts to hundreds of videos and photos.

Jennifer Wetting Her Panties Webcam Free

Why else would you want to sign up, other than absolutely shed loads of quality videos and images? Live webcasts. Currently, these are available with subscriptions to Wetting Her Panties and HD Wetting. HD Wetting offer them each week, allowing you to see desperation and wetting live with the option to chat directly to the models, and helping them decide what they wear, how they hold and how to let it go… Our reviews of these webcasts have been very positive. The models are friendly and ‘desperate’ to please you. Coming across like the girl next door friend fills that gap that everyone is trying to fill: someone who shares my fetish and will do it on a personal level with me. We certainly recommend everyone gets to try this experience at least once!

Alexa I Need 2 Pee Blue Bathing Suit Wetting Accident Desperation

So what else might be stopping you? Safety. How is my payment being processed? Who has access to my card details? If you think that you are transferring money into the bank account of some sleazy company, then you’re wrong. Yup. Wetting Her Panties, HD Wetting, I Need 2 Pee and other sites we review on here all use verified payment processors. Most of them use either CCBill or Verotel – two of the largest payment processing companies in the world. You card details are stored safely and encrypted using SSL technology. It’s like paying via PayPal for example.

Wetting Her Panties Lolly Badcock Peeing Tights Pantyhose

What else is stopping you? We get asked the age old question: Will my mother/father/sibling/wife/girlfriend find out I’m on a naughty site? No. Not unless you forget to clear your search history of course! These payment processors are instructed to mark your statement with an ambiguous phrase or the company name. So rather than ‘Wetting Her Panties’, you will get CCBill. And of course: mother…. CCBill was just some Amazon Marketplace company that billed me for that [insert whatever you’re likely to buy]! It’s easy to lie. Also, since it is all digital content, you no longer have to worry about that mysterious brown package turning up…

Lovely Charlotte So Desperate Wetting Her Panties

Ok, so. You’ve decided you want a month(s) subscription for $29.95 / $15.00 – (oh you big spender!) – in return for videos, images and intimate web-cams with sexy models. Congratulations. Now what site is right for me?

Don’t panic. Apart from regularly reviewing all of the big sites right here on The Daily Wet, we also have our sister site ‘Panty Pee Wetting‘ which you can find by clicking here, and reviews each site individually. Hooray.

Sammy Wets Pink Panties

Thanks for reading.

Bella Forgets To Pee

Time for another review of one of our new favourite wetting sites ‘BlueWetting’. We’ve just downloaded their entire video catalog which is about 70 videos currently, and we are incredibly impressed. Aside from the quality of the scenarios and the acting (if it’s a scripted one), the actual video quality is stunningly clear. One of their recent videos sees Bella, the smoking hot model, playing on the Playstation. BlueWetting Bella Playstation Jeans Wetting Pee Peeing Wee Accident Panty

Bella seems to be in some slight discomfort, shifting around and holding herself. It becomes apparent that she needs to pee urgently. However, Bella is far to engrossed in her game to remember to go!

BlueWetting Bella Playstation Jeans Wetting Pee Peeing Wee Accident Panty

Suddenly, it becomes too late for Bella to make the right decision and go to the bathroom. Instead, she begins to pee into her jeans. Sexily, she just tries to hold her crotch while still playing her game. She seems to be unaware of the puddle she is making!

BlueWetting Bella Playstation Jeans Wetting Pee Peeing Wee Accident Panty

Bella eventually realises that she is having an accident, and moves into a squatting position. You can see that she is absolutely flooding her jeans and pee is still streaming out on the floor.

BlueWetting Bella Playstation Jeans Wetting Pee Peeing Wee Accident Panty

At the end, Bella shows you just how wet she’s got. Oh my – she is truly soaked right?

We honestly think that you should consider signing up to BlueWetting if only to download their entire video catalog.It works out at 40 Cents a clip. I’m not going to lie – this is really good value. So as not to be biased towards the site, the only disadvantage that we can think of (in comparison to HDW,WHP and IN2P) is the obvious lack of alternative models. Whilst we can’t speak for everyone, we didn’t find this a problem at all because:

  • Bella is hot.
  • Bella is a good actress.
  • Bella makes fantastic messes in her jeans and panties.
  • Over 70 high quality videos.
  • Mega fast download speeds.
  • Simple site.

One last thing. I have noticed that the BlueWetting site may look awful (design wise). Don’t let this put you off – it is clear the producers spend more time on wetting content rather than a flashy site. It’s secure, and backed by Verotel.

See you on there.


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Workout is the latest high quality desperation and wetting video from BlueWetting. We’re really excited about BlueWetting, a very new site on the wetting clip market. The producers use only a single model Bella, who is fantastic at desperation (and pissing herself too!), and it all seems a lot less staged than other clips we’ve seen from other sources. Bella BlueWetting Locked Car Workout Gym Desperation Wetting

Bella is dressed in workout/gym gear and we find her very attractive. Wearing just a tight sports bra and workout pants/leggings, Bella realises that she’s locked herself out of the car! Desperate to pee after all the work, she has not choice but to hold herself desperately.

Bella BlueWetting Locked Car Workout Gym Desperation Wetting

It all gets too much for Bella who is clearly in pain trying to hold on from wetting her pants.

Bella BlueWetting Locked Car Workout Gym Desperation Wetting

After around 5 minutes of squirming, Bella finally cannot hold any longer and soaks her gym pants. The site of her flooding her pants, pee streaming down her legs sent us wild, especially after all the holding on.

BlueWetting currently have 71 high quality videos for you to download, with a few photosets also. They update at least 4 times a month, and based on a sneaky peak look into their archives (of which we will review graually), all the updates are of the highest quality. This site is great for anyone who loves wetting but also desperation too.

Their website is very basic, but it is backed by Verotel (like HDWetting), and we have found their website very easy to use and also extremely high download speeds. We also like how the site is very nondescript, allowing users to download material in a non-private setting if necessary.

Click here to visit BlueWetting and watch Bella soak herself many many times!

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BlueWetting Review!

We are very exited today to bring you a short review of this fantastic relatively new wetting site ‘BlueWetting’. We know some of you may have heard of it, or are even members, but this very exciting premium site from what we’ve seen so far, seems to offer fantastic wetting, desperation and a sexy model Bella. BlueWetting are behind the famous Snuppa material that will stand the test of time, so it’s only natural to expect a high level of quality from such a site…and we weren’t let down.

We start with their latest updates (of which their are four per month, making each update effectively $7.50) which features the sexy Bella racing upstairs to her bathroom in desperate need for a pee. Presumably Bella has come back from a night out, and we find her struggling to undo her jeans in the bathroom. Unfortunately the zipper is stuck and poor Bella can no longer hold on.

Bluewetting Blue Wetting Bella Panties Pee Stuck Zipper JeansBella begins to spurt uncontrollably in her Jean, semi crossing her legs to stem the flow, but it’s no good!

Bluewetting Blue Wetting Bella Panties Pee Stuck Zipper JeansWith no option but to completely piss her panties and jeans, Bella sensibly moves to the shower to finish the rest of her business, piss streaming down her jeans onto her socks.

Bluewetting Blue Wetting Bella Panties Pee Stuck Zipper JeansBella decides for an instant clean-up and takes a shower fully clothed! We found this scene extremely hot and catering to our general wet-look fetish too.

In the very latest video titled ‘Panties’, Bella is reading in bed, before being hit with the sudden urge to pee.

Bluewetting Blue Wetting Bella Panties PeeBella rushes out, and quickly puts on her top. Dressed only in panties and a bra, we can see Bella is truly stunning.

Bluewetting Blue Wetting Bella Panties Pee

You can just about see in the above image (reduced in size) that Bella suddenly erupts with pee, and it spurts out in a stream in front of her. Incredibly sexy and unsuspecting to us when we watched it!

Bluewetting Blue Wetting Bella Panties Pee

Near the end here, Bella is still peeing, piss gushing between her legs, soaking her panties. You can also see her soaking wet pissy legs from the accident.

Not only has BlueWetting exceeded our expectations, we are truly excited to be able to review their updates further and will be bringing you the very latest from them. I would like to say that BlueWetting is a promising site, but it’s already at the top of the game. Fantastic desperation, panty and jeans wetting, and of course a very sexy model Bella. We’ll continue to update some of their older material, but in the meantime we can honestly inform you that this is a brilliant website – fast downloads at sensible file sizes, easily organised with some photosets too.

There’s nothing to complain with at their standard pricing of $30 for a one month one off payment, but they also offers a reduced rate of $25 for a recurring payment, which might be something to consider based on their continuous high quality updates.


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