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Hot Tub Pee

Alisha and Sosha share some intimate moments in the HDWetting hot tub in this new video. We love girls who pee in the pool and we love girls peeing through and in bikinis. That’s why Alisha soaking her already wet bikini in her hot pee is featured today. HDWetting Sosha Alisha Pee Hot Tub Pool Bikini PissSosha and Alisha enjoy some cuddles in the hot tub. Sosha wears a red suit and Alisha a clingy spotty black bikini top and blue bottoms. They make out with Sosha feeling and truly enjoying Alisha’s pert breasts. HDWetting Sosha Alisha Pee Hot Tub Pool Bikini PissWhen Alisha decides she needs to pee, there is no beating around the bush. She stands up out of the water and lets Sosha feel her as wetness steams out of her bikini panty holes and down her legs. Sosha loves it, and Alisha feel relieved. We love the wetness of her pants. HDWetting Sosha Alisha Pee Hot Tub Pool Bikini PissSuddenly Alisha forced pee hard through her bikini panties, hitting the water hard. You can tell Sosha is really into it as she runs her hand under Alisha’s bikini to cup her warm pee, running her handl slowly across her clit.


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Completely FREE HDWetting Videos & Photos

Short on money? Not sure if HDWetting is for you? Not to worry. HDWetting now have an improved freebie section which includes free panty wetting, public pissing, tickle peeing, bondage peeing and much much more! Just follow this link and then hover of the ‘more’ button on the menu at the top right, then select free video or free photos.

Happy Sunday!

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Alexa’s Blue Bathing Suit Wetting

Now for a trip down memory lane with one of the more iconic wetting videos from I Need 2 Pee. Cute girl Alexa, which I believe sadly no longer features in the more recent I Need 2 Pee videos is the subject of a desperate day out.   Alexa I Need 2 Pee Blue Bathing Suit Wetting Accident Desperation

Alexa walks in public in a little summer dress before finding a not so private grassy bank to strip down into her blue bathing suit. Finding herself in need of the toilet, she fidgets and holds herself.

Alexa I Need 2 Pee Blue Bathing Suit Wetting Accident Desperation

Alexa can’t hold for too long and dribbles uncontrollably into her bathing suit.

“Oh no, I can’t do that!” She says as she realises she might have done a wee in her suit.

It’s far too cute to see her desperately trying to stop the flow to no avail.

Alexa I Need 2 Pee Blue Bathing Suit Wetting Accident Desperation

The sexiest thing about this clip (if seeing a cute girl wetting her bathing suit isn’t good enough) is the sound. What do I mean? When Alexa starts peeing properly into her suit, she crouches over the grass and you can hear the hissing sound of the pee hitting her suit – I can’t really describe it other than you probably know exactly what I mean. It makes it a far more realistic wetting and is the sexiest wetting I’ve ever heard.

Now we’ve seen this, we really hope I Need 2 Pee think about doing another bikini wetting very soon indeed.

If you join I Need 2 Pee (click here to visit the site), then we can honestly recommend this one as one of the first downloads!

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