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Playing By Herself

HDWetting have done a number of stellar bedwetting performances in the past, so we were excited to see Alisha have a go…solo. Alisha, looking great, lies on the bed in a top and panties only. We are treated to a top down view so we can see both the wetting action and her facial response.Playing By Herself Alisha HDWetting Pee WettingAlisha writhes around on the bed, mentioning how horny she is, and how she is going to wet her pants. Playing By Herself Alisha HDWetting Pee WettingWhen she wants to hold no longer, she just lets it go. There is no dramatic scene … just the gradual soakening of panties and the bed covers. Playing By Herself Alisha HDWetting Pee WettingAfter her wetting, she is incredibly horny and proceeds to masturbate through and under her panties, whilst showing off her A-class (not cup!) boobs. Playing By Herself Alisha HDWetting Pee WettingShe seems somewhat surprised by the mess she has made, showing off the bed and glistening wet panties. Playing By Herself Alisha HDWetting Pee WettingA cheeky screenshot from the final second showing the bed damage!

See and find out more about this video here.

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Peeing On A Pussy

We present a review of one of HD Wetting’s latest video which has to be one of our favourite ever. Our recent increase in labeling HD Wetting videos and photosets using words such as awesome, amazing and fantastic are a testament to the increasing quality of this producer. In this video, we see a realistic lesbian scene (full interaction) featuring Alisha and Sosha. HD Wetting Alisha & Sosha Lesbian Pussy Panty PeeingAlisha and Sosha are on the bed, embracing. Sosha is fully naked, and Alisha wears spotty cotton panties. They kiss and touch each other until Sosha gets so horny she asks Alisha if she would pee on her. Alisha asks where she wants to be peed on, and Sosha directs Alisha’s hand down to her pussy. HD Wetting Alisha & Sosha Lesbian Pussy Panty PeeingIn a truly hot scene, Alisha straddles Sosha and immediate pisses herself onto Sosha’s pussy. Sosha is totally in ecstasy and moans while rubbing the gushing piss into her vagina. Oh lord, this is one hot scene… *Breathes slowly* HD Wetting Alisha & Sosha Lesbian Pussy Panty PeeingSosha lies on the soaked bed, and rubs herself while Alisha gropes her breasts amongst other things. If you see the video, you will realize just how good it is! HDW did a few lesbian scenes a while back, but they were nothing like this as the models now fully interact with each other, making it more like a porno. A classy and very wet porno. We like.

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Natalie & Siren’s Golden Shower

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; HD Wetting do brilliant lesbian scenes. This video is possibly the best we’ve seen. Actually, it definitely it is. Natalie Siren HD Wetting Golden Shower LesbianThe girls star out making out with each other, dressed only in sexy underwear. Natalie soon undresses Siren out of her bra. Natalie Siren HD Wetting Golden Shower LesbianThere’s a lot of rubbing and titty licking in this – and it’s done very well too. We think the girls in this video genuinely like it. Natalie Siren HD Wetting Golden Shower LesbianNatalie needs to pee though, and she doesn’t want to interrupt anything, so she gives Siren a golden shower. At first she pisses all over Siren’s sexy black undies, but then moves back onto her legs and her stream goes on for ages! One of the longest wettings we’ve ever seen. Siren has a flood of pee trapped between her legs and pouring onto the bed. Does she mind? We’ll let you decide.

Epic video. See for yourself.

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Sosha’s Pissy Knicker Bedwetting

Sosha has wet the bed naked, on someone else and asleep… what more can she do? Well, she could simply piss her panties really hard onto the bed. Right? HD Wetting Sosha Bedwetting Panty PissWell what a surprise. Here we see Sosha on a bed, wearing nothing but some tight lilac lacey and see-through panties. HD Wetting Sosha Bedwetting Panty PissShe soaks them really hard, and you see the stream soak the covers through. HD Wetting Sosha Bedwetting Panty PissSosha knows she’s truly made a mess and somehow manages to drench those hard-to-wet lacey knickers too.

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Eva’s Bedwetting Photoshoot

It’s about time we return to the land of HD Wetting… with ‘new’ girl Eva. In this image set, she happily urinates her panties on the bed. Eva HD Wetting Bedwetting Panty PeeEva looks completely content with what she is about to do, and is dressed (or undressed) appropriately for the job. Eva HD Wetting Bedwetting Panty PeeEva holds a large bladder and successfully soaks the bed covers. Naturally her panties are subject to a good soaking too, with streams of pee running out of the side and down her legs. Mmm. Eva HD Wetting Bedwetting Panty PeeFinally, Eva poses for us in various positions, showing off her wetness well. Follow this link for more sexy panty peeing videos and images of cute girl pissing their panties.

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